Welcome to Cuckfield Archers

Cuckfield Archers are a relatively new archery club formed in Autumn 2012. Our aim (yes we note the pun) is to provide a fun, friendly and safe environment for all sections of our local community to enjoy archery.

We are very keen to promote inclusion in sport of people with disabilities, who are particularly welcome as members. We try to make whatever reasonable adjustments we can so that those with any sort of disability can join us to share the fun and challenge of archery.

We have three coaches including those with a level one Archery GB qualification, who work with our 60 members who are aged between 10 to over 80.

Come and shoot with us


Our shooting sessions are every Sunday afternoon at Warden Park Academy, Cuckfield and we hope to be adding a weekday outdoor evening session next season. In Summer we shoot on the playing field with beautiful views of the South Downs and in Winter we shoot indoors in the school gym.

Our outdoor target range consists of up to ten targets available at a variety of distances where we can accommodate every skill level. We also accommodate every taste bud with our impressive range of cakes during the essential mid-session tea break!

Experienced archers, who already have Archery GB membership, are welcome to come and shoot with us at any time.

All we ask is that you put £3.00 in our tea and coffee tin and that if you decide you want to come back more than four times in a season then we will expect you to join the club.

Those new to the sport will need to have completed a recognised beginners’ course either on the Cuckfield Archers Beginners’ Course that we run up to three times a year or at another Archery GB recognised club or coaching provider.